The new updated  edition of the Road map of Pafos Town and District has just been released. The Map is locally researched and produced after intensive fieldwork. It is  very comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly.

The new edition includes a street map of Pafos town (1:9 500), a Road  map of Pafos district (1:100 000) and insert maps of Polis-Latsi area, Pegeia area and Akamas, Stavros tis Psokas and Kathikas Nature Trails . It also includes a detailed  index to all villages and hotels within Pafos.

On one side there is a Street Map of Pafos Town, with all street names and  sites of interest such as historical and cultural sites, churches and monuments etc. Additionally there is plenty of information on public services, food and drink, accommodation, petrol stations, banks, health, beaches etc.

On the other side there is a detailed Road Map of Pafos district depicting a detailed road network classified as per the importance of the roads, all settlements classified according to population, geomorphological landforms, nature trails and lots of tourist information such as accommodation, picnic sites, camping, beaches, etc.

The Map is in English and includes over 4.000 entries and explanations and a legend in 6 languages. It also includes a detailed Index to all streets within Pafos town and all villages within Pafos district.

You can find the new edition of Pafos Road Map in our Mapshop

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