Custom Mapping

Ιn addition to our line of maps, travel guides and atlases, we provide custom mapping services to a wide range of sectors including:

  • Publishers
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Banking
  • Travel
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Construction planning
  • Service area maps
  • Publishing
  • Media
  • Health
  • Advertising
  • Hotel Industry
  • Special Events

Paper & Digital Maps

Our custom services include editorial, research and design of high quality road maps, atlas mapping, illustrated and pictorial maps, hiking and cycling maps, travel books, promotional maps, special purpose maps, wall maps etc

Once we identify the purpose of the map you need, our geographers and cartographers will propose the best map design in order to ensure the map fulfils its specific purpose.

You can either choose a map or travel guide from the existing SELAS series of maps and travel guides, which can be modified and personalized with your company’s logo, or order any specific thematic map for any area you are interested in. This could be from a single street level map to a country and world map.

Printed Maps can be either delivered flat or folded in any size and format (pocket maps, pop-out maps, maps in booklets etc).

Whatever your mapping needs can be, our experts can advise on the best mapping solutions that suit your needs and respond to the highest cartographic standards.

We have been producing custom road maps for some of the best known publishers worldwide for many years, for public and semi-governmental sectors, municipalities and community boards, private companies, telecommunications, real estate, for the tourist sector, for education and many others.

We undertake the whole production of custom maps from the compilation of data, cartography and printing. Finished Maps can be delivered flat or folded in any size.

Hiking Maps

Hiking Maps are large scale maps which depict the relief of an area and special routes in detail. Apart from the topography of the mapped area and its main physical features, such as geomorphological landforms, drainage, forests etc, hiking maps also include special man-made features such as routes, sites of interest etc. They may have contour lines with little equidistance intervals according to the map scale, or can be simplified with just the use of hypsometric tints. The design of these maps relies on the purpose of the map.

SELAS has produced hundreds of hiking Maps in various designs. Examples of such maps include illustrated and pictorial hiking maps, large scale paper and digital hiking maps for demanding travellers, hiking maps for information kiosks and apps, maps for brochures etc. All hiking maps depict special routes and specific features along the routes.

Custom Wall Maps

Using our world database, SELAS can undertake the production of tailored wall maps of any area of the World and the delivery of printed or digital maps. You can either choose a map from the existing SELAS series of wall maps which can be customized and personalized with your company’s logo, or we can create a completely new wall map for your special needs.

SELAS has been producing hundreds of wall maps for education, many companies and organisations, embassies, special exhibitions and special purpose events.

Maps are printed on high-quality paper including lamination and can be delivered to your premises flat or packed in plastic tubes, by our customer delivery service.

SELAS has also produced hundreds of Road Wall maps for municipalities and community boards which depict the road network,  places of interest and facilities within the mapped areas. These maps are placed on special designed boards within towns, villages and touristic areas.

Illustrated /Pictorial Maps

Illustrated /Pictorial maps are very popular in many cases to depict specific features.

Such mapping is recommended for tourist publications, city guides, hiking, nature trails, cycling, historical and cultural routes etc

SELAS has produced a lot of interesting pictorial maps for many publishers and for special exhibitions.

Custom Mapping in Travel Publications

SELAS has been the pioneer in the editing and publishing of travel guides of Cyprus and has long expertise in travel guides mapping.

We have been producing custom maps for some of the best known publishers worldwide for many years. Our maps have been used in a variety of travel guides, outdoor leisure guides, travel magazines etc, in Cyprus and abroad.

We have also undertaken the editing of custom travel guides for many Municipalities and Community Boards, travel agencies and many companies.

Our custom services include editing, research and design of high quality books and travel guides.

Our editors and book designers can offer consultancy on the editing, design and printing of any book or publication you are interested in producing.

Special purpose maps

SELAS has been producing hundreds of special purpose maps for many companies, conferences, exhibitions and events. Our creative thematic maps, static, digital or interactive, have decorated museums and exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, tourist pavilions in international tourist fairs, conferences, cycling events, festivals etc.

Examples of such mapping are the presidential elections’ maps of 2013 and 2018, where we created printed, digital and interactive choropleth maps with the results per village and town, interactive maps for museums in Cyprus and abroad, tourist pavilions worldwide, real estate exhibitions, bank conferences, educational fairs of Cypriot universities, special events of companies venues etc.

Atlas Mapping

Atlas mapping has always been at the core of our business. SELAS team of geographers and cartographers have great expertise and long experience in Atlas mapping and have produced Atlas Maps for some of the best known publishers worldwide and the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.

We have been working for many years with schools and have produced excellent School Geographical Atlases for Primary and Secondary Education which include, apart from the reference maps, special topics of physical and human geography such as climate , vegetation, environmental issues, biomes, natural hazards, volcanoes and earthquakes, sustainability, tourism and conservation, migration, industrial production, energy, economic development, imports/exports, demography, languages, religions, and many others.

Service Area Maps

Service area maps are street level maps of an area which serve companies for their distribution needs. SELAS has been providing most of the delivery companies in Cyprus with street level detailed maps for their operations.

Based on SELAS’ digital geographical database MapCyprusTM, we have produced hundreds of service area maps for most of the food delivery companies in Cyprus, companies dealing with logistics, retail and wholesale organisations and helped them to organise their distribution needs, taking into account various parameters such as time, distance etc.

Maps can be produced in any size and format (digital or printed) and can be accompanied by an index of all street names by postal code, municipality, coordinates etc.

Promotional Maps

SELAS can create bespoke promotional maps for any organisation from folding pocket maps, wall maps, pop-out maps, maps in booklets, magazines, brochures etc.

SELAS promotional maps have been distributed within exhibitions worldwide, conferences, museums and galleries, visitor information centres, hotels, schools, colleges, tour operators etc.

Business Solutions

Our strong experience in the implementation of GIS projects allows us to create special webmaps for companies and to offer business solutions for data visualization and spatial analysis for decision making. Such webmaps can show the visualization of the company’s stores, its clients, the stores of the competitors, the revenues per store, per month or year etc.

We have offered custom mapping to a wide range of clients in the retail, logistics, real estate sectors etc.

European Funded Projects

SELAS has been assigned a number of European Funded Projects which included mapping, research, editing and publishing of special Maps and Travel Guides.

Examples of such projects are the following ones:

Stroumpi Cultural Sites project

The project was implemented by the Ministry of Interior and the Agricultural Development Programme 2007-2013.

It included mapping of four cultural routes within Stroumpi village in Pafos, the production of paper maps for tourists, a geographical and historical study and research of Stroumpi area and its cultural sites and the editing of a travel guide with special descriptions of the cultural routes. Furthermore, the project included the production of digital interactive maps for the Information kiosk screens, wall maps for boards placed outside of each site of interest and at the starting points of each cultural route showing route, points of interest along the route, time and distance of hiking trails, as well as promotional brochures and leaflets with maps.

Agia Napa, Rethymno: Accessible cities project

The Guide was created within the framework of the “Agia Napa-Rethymno: Universally Accessible cities”, in the framework of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme “Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013”.

The Guide presents accessible tourist destinations and venues within the two municipalities, Agia Napa and Rethymno, that were deemed friendly and appropriate for disabled visitors and includes information on the most important monuments and sights of interest, accommodation, proposed walks and their accessibility to different types of disabilities.

SELAS has undertaken the mapping of Agia Napa and the collection of points of interest (accommodation, petrol stations, restaurants etc) depicted on the maps as well as the publishing of the Guide.

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