Research & Studies Center

SELAS has a long expertise in Research and has undertook many research projects as well as Studies and Scientific Abstracts.

The rich data archive produced over the last 32 years of scientific research by SELAS, allows us to carry out studies on a wide range of topics related to Geography, Environment, Ecology, History, Cartography, etc. In addition to the comprehensive data archive, the Center also disposes a rich and specialized Library with unique Geography and History related books as well as Maps.

Our scientific team consists of the experienced staff of SELAS and its collaborators, with a long expertise in the fields of Geography, Cartography, Research, History, Classic Studies, Literature and Publishing. Our scientific staff, our collaborations with Research and academic Institutions in Cyprus and abroad and our provision of high-standard services in the field of research, make SELAS a reliable partner in research programs.

The main areas of activity of the Center are focused on the followings:

  • Scientific Research and Studies
  • Participation in research projects
  • Publications
  • Collaborations with academic institutions and research centers in Cyprus and abroad

The main recent titles of the research and published work of the Center are presented below.

Physical Geography

  • Evolution of Continents
  • Atmospheric circulation
  • Oil and gas formation
  • Earth’s resources


  • Forest fires in the Mediterranean
  • Climate change and impacts on ecosystems
  • The Mediterranean on fire
  • Fires in Amazonia
  • Deforestation and forest fires

Flora and Fauna

  • Flora and Fauna of Cyprus
  • Mediterranean and the Lessepsian species
  • The distribution of the Loggerhead and Green turtles in the Mediterranean Sea
  • The distribution of the loggerhead and Green turtles in Cyprus
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems


  • Map Projections
  • Aerial photos, satellite images and space technology
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Medical Geography

  • The Contemporary Geography of Epidemics
  • Global warming, migratory flows of insects and animals, new epidemics in progress
  • Environmental degradation and environmental migration
  • The Medical Cartography in the battle of the Covid pandemic

Urban and Rural Geography

  • Geographical Research and study of the Akama Peninsula
  • Geographical Research and study of the Laona Plateau
  • Research and study for the Cultural Routes in Stroumbi
  • L’arriere pays d’Amathonte: Recherches geographique dans l’arriere-pays d’Amathonte
  • Geographical research in the hinterland of Ancient Amathus

Research and Studies for the implementation of Museums and Environmental Centers projects

  • Research and Study for the creation of the Turtle Museum in the Community of Ineia in Pafos
  • Research and Study for the writing material of the Akamas Avifauna and Flora Visitor Center

Studies for the Content of Websites

  • Provision of the writing material for the Innia-Lara Turtle Museum
  • Provision of the writing material for the Akamas Avifauna and Flora Visitor Center
  • Provision of the writing material for the Polis-Latsi Sea and Culture Museum

Studies for the Implementation of Thematic Routes

  • Walking and cycling routes in Akamas, Troodos and Ezousa Valley
  • Study for the implementation of the Cultural Routes in the Community of Stroumpi
  • Study for the implementation of Thematic Routes in Solia Area

Historical and Cultural Geography

  • Churches and Monasteries of Cyprus
  • Mycenaean influences in Ancient Engomi and Ancient Kitio
  • The role of Geography in the History of Cyprus
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