The largest collection of Maps
& Travel Guides in Cyprus

SELAS is Cyprus’s leading publisher of road maps, street atlases, travel guides, geographical atlases, wall maps, 3D raised-relief maps and geography-based publications for the education.

Our award-winning Cyprus road maps, atlases and travel guides are produced locally after intensive fieldwork,  are very accurate, user-friendly and frequently revised to suit the most demanding traveller’s requirements. We have the biggest collection of Cyprus maps ranging from large hard copy maps to pocket size maps and a wide range of travel guides available in many languages.

SELAS publications are distributed in more than a 1,000 locations worldwide and are available in most international bookshops and libraries by SELAS own authorised distributors and agents.

Our publishing section includes a team of highly expert editors, geographers, cartographers and designers. To achieve the production of all these publications, SELAS is using the most advanced hardware and software of the market and follows strict quality controls for every step of the production.

Road Maps

For more than 25 years, SELAS has continuously produced detailed, accurate and trusted Road maps to suit the most demanding traveller’s requirements. Our award-winning Road maps are continuously revised and feature detailed mapping of the road network classified as per its importance (highways, asphalted, non asphalted). Our Road Maps include cities mapping, nature trails and description of the most important sites of interest.

Cyprus’s #1-selling Road Maps are designed to meet the unique

AZ Street Atlases

SELAS has been the pioneer in producing AZ Street Atlases of the cities in both Greek and English languages.

Our AZ Street Atlases are the most trusted road atlases and have for many years helped companies, drivers and individuals to schedule their itineraries and find useful information on cities.

The street atlases are easy to use, fully-coloured, compact and continuously revised. They include a detailed index…

Travel Guides

SELAS has been the pioneer in the editing and publishing of Travel Guides of all areas of Cyprus.

Our Travel Guides are a result of a long research on the spot by our team of geographers and editors, who have visited all villages and major landmarks within Cyprus and share their personal travel experiences.

They have the  advantage to have been produced locally

Wall Maps

SELAS has the biggest series of geographical wall maps which cover all continents and countries worldwide in many languages and has been in the forefront of providing educational Wall Maps to schools. Our Wall Maps follow the Curriculum of Geography in Primary and Secondary Education of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and are very comprehensive, accurate and user-friendly.

They depict all hydrographic features, mountains, valleys, hypsometric/bathometric tints and settlements classified…

3D Raised-Relief Maps

SELAS has long expertise in the production of 3-dimensional maps and is the only Cypriot company that makes relief printed cartography.

We undertake the design and manufacturing of 3-dimensional Maps, for any area you request, using state-of-the-art technology and our artistic talent.

The 3-dimensional Maps are very impressive with a completely different perspective.

ATLAS Mapping

Geographical Atlases has always been at the core of our business. SELAS highly skilled team of geographers and cartographers have great expertise and experience in Atlas mapping and have produced excellent and modern Atlases for schools and various publishers. SELAS Geographical Atlases have been awarded gold and silver awards in International Cartographic Competitions.

We have been working for many years on compiling data for Geographical Atlases and have achieved…

Geography Books

The SELAS experts in the Geography of Cyprus were the first to produce a series of Books on the Geography of Cyprus.

The “Geography of Cyprus” Books are available in 5 books describing all aspects of Geography from physical, human, political etc.

The 1st book  “Physical Geography of Cyprus” describes the physical geography of Cyprus and includes special chapters on the geomorphology, geology, fauna and flora, hydrology of Cyprus, etc.

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