Welcome to SELAS MapShop, Cyprus’ best resource for road maps, street atlases, travel guides, geographical atlases, wall maps, 3D raised-relief maps, globes and geography-based publications and products.

For over 30 years, we have been supplying clients all over the world, such as schools, bookshops, companies, organizations, and individuals, with a great variety of cartographic products and services, most of them available in our MapShop. For specific maps or publications, that are not on sale in our MapShop, you can send an enquiry to our Customer Service and we will contact you regarding the availability of the specific map you are looking.

SELAS also offers Custom Mapping to businesses and individuals for any coverage area, size and finishing options, from high-quality printed maps, pinboard maps, maps on canvas, PVC, glass or wallpaper, as well as digital and interactive maps and apps. Samples of bespoke mapping produced for clients in Cyprus or abroad are available in our Map Gallery.

Maps on Demand

The “Maps on Demand” service offered by SELAS, allows users to order any title of maps and have it printed in the size and format of their choice.

You can either choose a map from the existing SELAS series available in our MapShop which can be customized, or we can create a completely new map for your special needs.

Our map projects include production of World Maps, Continent Maps, Regional Maps, Country and City maps etc. In addition, there is a variety of special purpose maps such as environmental maps, maps with companies networks, maps for delivery purposes, 3D raised-relief maps, artistic and illustrated maps etc.

All maps are produced to the highest cartographic standards in any size and can be delivered in digital or printed form. Please check our Printing Options here.

Custom Mapping

SELAS provides custom cartography services for the specific needs of businesses and individuals.

We undertake the whole production of custom mapping from the research and compilation of data to cartography and printing for any coverage area, size, and printing option.

Printing Options

We offer a variety of printing options from high quality gloss or matt laminated durable paper or foam (pinboard maps) to printing on canvas, on PVC, plexiglass as well as wallpaper maps.

Printing materials allow you to write on the map with erasable markers and wipe it clean afterwards.

Map Gallery

In our Map Gallery, we are presenting a selected variety of bespoke Wall Maps designed over the last years to meet clients’ specific needs.

Click on “Map Gallery” to view all maps.

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