Web Mapping

Based on the most accurate
and updated geographical data

Web Mapping

Based on the most accurate
and updated geographical data

SELAS provides digital web mapping solutions to the public and private sectors.

Following the information technology evolution and recognizing the customer needs in today’s dynamic environment we have adopted the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for the application development and implementation.

Immediate SaaS benefits include:

  • the application is accessible from any location. The user only needs a PC, a web browser and a username/password
  • the application is independent from HW & SW
  • the system is supported and maintained by a single provider

Using SaaS, we can offer the customer the choice to select among flexible economic schemes such as access to the application per subscription or on pay-per-use basis.

SELAS has built, throughout the years, a rich digital geographical database for Cyprus (“MapCyprusTM“), for which we guarantee its accuracy and quality and from which we have created Web-based and Mobile applications. Based on this digital database we can create custom Webmaps for any Organization/Company which needs a specific thematic Webmap.

WebGIS applications include:

Address Finder

User can search for address, intersection, city and village using an advanced algorithm.


There is a choice of travel mode (walking, car) and choice of routes (fastest or shortest route).

Points of Interest Finder

Searching for points of interest (including names, landmarks, etc.) can be either by category “ATM” or free search “hotels in Nicosia”.

Coverage Area – Service Area

Calculation of a geographical area from a chosen starting point at a specified time limit (ex. 5 minutes) and statistical analysis of the covered area.

General Features:

  • Free search algorithm
  • Applications adaptable to customer needs (Customizable Applications)
  • Geographical data produced by SELAS

SELAS has been assigned a variety of webGIS projects. Satisfied customers include a number of medium and large size public and private sector organizations that cover a wide range of industries (retail, government, municipalities etc.).

We have a strong experience and can help manage, visualize and analyze spatial information to exploit its full potential.

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