The first online map store is now available in Cyprus.  Nature lovers, travelers, teachers and students, delivery companies and those who are interested in our products, will now have the opportunity to buy them online easily and quickly.

At Cyprus’ online Map Shop, you can find a wide variety of road maps of Cyprus and cities, AZ street atlases, travel guides, geographical atlases, geographical wall maps, 3D relief maps, globes and lots of gift ideas.

With 29 years of experience in the cartographic industry, SELAS has been established as the leading cartographic company in Cyprus, providing a wide variety of cartographic products and services in the Cypriot and global markets, from schools, bookstores, libraries, companies, organizations and individuals. We have a great collection of maps ranging from hard copy pocket road maps of Cyprus, to large wall maps and travel guides available in many languages.

For specific maps on Cyprus or any other part of the world, that are not on sale in our MapShop, you can send an enquiry to our Customer Service and we will contact you regarding the availability of the specific map you are interested in.

SELAS also offers custom mapping to businesses and individuals for any area of the world, in any size and finishing options, from high-quality paper maps, laminated maps, wall maps with hanging bars, pinboard maps, maps on canvas, on PVC or glass and wallpaper maps.

Visit MapShop to place your orders online, easily and quickly in a user-friendly and safe environment.

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