Postal code maps of Cyprus and Europe

Postal codes maps of Cyprus and Europe are now available in SELAS Maps series.

Postal code maps are an essential tool for businesses for analyzing and visualizing their data, plan their itineraries and manage their fleet, for the distribution of their goods and services, for organizing the distribution of their advertising material, for depicting demographic data, for statistical analysis and for any other special need.

Postcodes maps can be prepared for any region, city, province or the entire country in any scale, size and format (printed or digital). Depending on the needs of each company, the postal code maps, may include polygons of regions, counties, municipalities and communities with or without names, polygons with postcodes numbers per municipality/community, the main road network and any other data.

Cyprus postal codes maps cover the entire island and Europe postal codes maps cover the whole of Europe up to the Ural Mountains.

Ideal for shipping companies, logistics services, courier and distribution companies and other companies/Organizations.

Please contact for level of content, size and printing options. Our Customer Service would be glad to assist you.

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