New Series of 3D Relief Maps of Europe and the World

We are happy to announce the launch of the new limited edition of 3D Relief maps of Europe and the World, which circulates for the first time in the Cypriot market.

The unique 3D relief map of Europe is on scale 1:8.000.000 and size 77x57cm and the World 3D Map is on scale 1:53.500.000 and size 77x57cm.

The colourful maps depict in detail the relief of Europe and the World with the use of hypsometric tints, showing in detail the plains, the mountain ranges, valleys and peaks, hydrographic features (rivers, lakes, etc.) and unique geomorphological landforms. All settlements and city names are in English.

The 3D Maps have been produced following the highest cartographic standards and avant-garde technology and give a new dimension to Cartography. Further to their educational value, they constitute a unique piece of art for every home and office and a special gift for any occasion.

The Maps are available for sale in our MapShop.

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