New cartographic services, “Maps on Demand”, offered by SELAS

We are pleased to announce the new cartographic services, “Maps on Demand” offered by SELAS, which allows users of Selas Map shop to order the Map of their choice and have it printed in any language, size and format.

The new service ‘Maps on Demand, includes a rich collection of detailed and up-to-date Maps of the World, many countries and continents, thematic Maps (Environmental Maps, Geomorphological Maps, Vegetation Maps, Natural Hazard Maps, etc.) as well as Ancient Maps of the World.

Physical and political maps are available for all continents, including Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Oceania and Antarctica, as well as some regional maps such as for the Middle East.

All maps are produced on high cartographic standards and innovative technology.

The following titles are available: 

  1. World Political Map
  2. Physical Map of the World
  3. Pacific Centered World Political Map
  4. Pacific Centered World Physical Map
  5. Political Upside-Down World Map
  6. World Time zones Map
  7. World Outline Map
  8. Antique Style World Map
  9. Europe Political Map
  10. Physical Map of Europe
  11. Political Map of the Mediterranean Countries
  12. Physical Map of the Mediterranean Countries
  13. The European Union Wall Map
  14. Postal codes map of Europe
  15. Postal codes map of Cyprus
  16. Africa Map
  17. United States of America (USA) Map
  18. South America Map
  19. Middle East Map
  20. South East Asia Map
  21. Australasia and Pacific Region
  22. Physical Map of Cyprus
  23. Political Map of Greece
  24. Physical Map of Greece
  25. British Isles Physical Map
  26. China Map
  27. Natural Hazards Map
  28. Environmental World Wall Map

In addition to the above titles, users can order maps for any region of the world, size and format of their interest

Please contact for level of content, size and printing options. Our Customer Service would be glad to assist you.

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