Travel Guide “Exploring Ineia and the beaches of Lara”

Within the framework of the project “Provision of services for Innia Turtle Museum and Educational Center in the Community of Innia”, SELAS undertook the writing, editing and publishing of the Guide “Exploring Ineia and the beaches of Lara”.

This is a comprehensive guide, of the village of Ineia, which occupies a prominent position among the villages of Laona and the beaches of Lara, world famous beaches as nesting sites of the two turtle species, the Loggerhead turtle, and the Green turtle.

The guide has been prepared after an intensive field research by SELAS’ experienced team of geographers and presents the wealth of natural, historical, and cultural features of the community of Ineia, with unique coloured photographs and illustrated maps.

The guide includes a presentation of the main monuments of the Community, detailed descriptions of the geology and geomorphology of the community and the Laona plateau in general. A part of the Guide is dedicated to descriptions of the unique geo-diversity and biodiversity of the wider area of Akamas and the two bays of Lara with their popular beaches, which the two turtle species chose as nesting sites.

The Travel Guide circulates in printed form as well as digital. It is available on Kindle and the ibookstore.

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