Provision of Services for the creation of the Turtle Museum and Education Center in the Community of Ineia

The Inia-Lara Turtle Museum and Education Center, is a pioneering project which falls under the Project “Equipment Supply and Provision of Configuration Services for the Turtle Education-Exhibition Center in Ineia Community”, Tender Notice: E.D.PAF.K.S 17/2021, which was financed by “National Resources”.

It was implemented by the Consortium for the Implementation of the Innia Turtle Museum – Architects and Partners.

It is a project of scientific research with a perfect museological design, which makes it the first specialized Museum in Cyprus, dedicated exclusively to the sea turtle. The modern museological approach, the quality and multifaceted components of the Museum’s exhibits, combined with the thematic interactive presentations, offer unique experiences, revealing lesser-known and unknown aspects of the world of turtles, but also of the wider region that hosts them.

The team of researchers and geographers of SELAS Center of Research and Studies and SELAS Publications undertook the scientific research, study and collection of necessary data, the writing of all texts presented on the touch screens, on the exhibits, films and information boards, the creation of the interactive applications of the museum, as well as the design and implementation of the educational interactive games of the Museum.

SELAS Cartographers undertook the mapping of all thematic digital and interactive maps presented in the Museum’s screens, such as detailed maps of the area, the design of a 3D detailed map of Akamas and Ineia, global and local thematic maps related to turtles and their distribution, etc.

Our team of editors have undertook the writing and publication of the printed Guide and an e-books for Ineia and the beaches of Lara that host the two species of turtle (the loggerhead turtle and the green turtle).

They also undertook the preparation of specially designed educational and environmental programs and digital applications, for students of Primary and Secondary Education, who will visit the Education Center.

The main purpose of the project is to highlight the natural heritage of the area, to promote eco-tourism, as well as to provide learning opportunities on a wide range of environmental issues, with the pedagogical goal of cultivating and strengthening a lifelong environmental consciousness.

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