Provision of Services for Akamas Regional Bird Fauna and Terrestrial Flora Information Center in the Community of Kathikas

The modern Regional Information Center for Birds and Terrestrial Flora Akamas in the Community of Kathikas in Pafos district, falls under the project “PROCUREMENT OF EQUIPMENT/EXHIBITS/INFORMATION MATERIALS AND PROVISION OF SERVICES FOR THE REGIONAL INFORMATION CENTER FOR BIRD FAUNA AND TERESTRIAL FLORA” No. Tender: ED.PAF.K.S 15/2021.

The aim of the Project is to present the main species of Bird Fauna and Terrestrial Flora of Akamas Peninsula, world famous for its biodiversity, in the specially designed rooms of the Center, with the ultimate aim of informing and educating the public about the wealth of our natural heritage.

SELAS Publications participated in the Project by undertaking a long on the spot research of the physical and cultural wealth of Akamas. Our editors undertook the writing of the physical, historical, and cultural aspects of each community of Akamas, which are presented in the exhibits of the museum. They also prepared the context of the Center’s website

SELAS’ cartographers undertook the detailed mapping of the area, including road network, paths, and nature trails, as well as collection of all points of interest. Printed and digital maps have been produced and offered to visitors or displayed in special designed boards within the Community.

The Exhibition Center also serves as a place for education and scientific research, contributing to public awareness of the importance of protecting and properly managing the environmental wealth of the area.

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