3D Relief Map of Cyprus (In Greek)

Relief Map of Cyprus (3-Dimensional) (In Greek)

This unique 3D Map of Cyprus, on scale 1:250 000 and size 100x70cm, gives new dimensions to Cartography.

The colourful map depicts in detail the relief of the island with the use of hypsometric tints and height spots showing in detail the plains, the mountain ranges, valleys and peaks, hydrographic features (rivers, lakes, dams etc) and unique geomorphological landforms. The road network is classified in categories according to the importance of roads and includes even the unpaved roads. All settlements are classified as per their population. The map depicts a wealth of sites of interest such as monasteries, churches, archaeological/historical sites etc.

This unique Relief Map of high cartographic standards has been produced by SELAS team of experienced Geographers and Cartographers and is approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus.
It is ideal for schools, students, academics, offices and anyone else interested in the detailed study of the geography of Cyprus. It is also an aesthetic wall ornament at home or in the office. (Exclusive product of SELAS)

1:250 000 100x70cm Plastic vacuum-formed in relief

Price: €50 (VAT Included)

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