Travel Guide of Nicosia (In English)

Travel Guide of Nicosia (Broader Urban Area) (In English)

The Touring Guide of Nicosia is a complete, up-to-date, coloured guide of the capital of Cyprus and its broader urban area. The guide describes only the free part of Nicosia as the north part of the city has been occupied by Turkish troops since 1974. The guide is filled with photographs and detailed maps and includes a historical overview of the town of Nicosia and descriptions of all places of interest, including archaeological sites, cultural monuments, museums, churches, monasteries, mosques etc.

Size 13x21cm

Fully coloured, 90 Pages, including 49 colour photos, 3 original maps.

ISBN: 978 9963 566 01 3

Price: €6.85 (VAT Included)

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