Travel Guide of Cyprus (In English)

Already in its 8th revised edition, the Travel Guide of Cyprus is the best-selling guide of the island and by far the most comprehensive and detailed guide available. It is locally produced after a long on the spot research and presents for the first time descriptions on villages and landscapes you don’t find in any other travel guide of the island.

The guide aims to present to the visitors of Cyprus the wealth of the historical, natural, cultural and economic features of Cyprus through its 304 pages, detailed maps and hundreds of color photos. The guide also covers all archaeological sites and monuments along with all excursion sites, nature tails, camping sites and beaches. It also includes 30 pages of useful information for tourists on accommodation, transportation, shopping, etc.

8th Revised Edition, Size 21x15cm

Fully colored, 304 Pages, including 256 color photos, 18 original maps.

ISBN: 978 9963 566 98 3

Price: €14.15 (VAT Included)

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