Iron Classic Illuminated Globe

The Iron Blue illuminated globe has a rare combination of highly detailed globe and luxuriously minimalist style. Mounted atop a chromed steel stem and solid chromed steel base with discreet, foot-operated switch, this globe is sure to be the centre of attention in any contemporary room or office setting.

The Iron Blue illuminated globe is one of the latest series of globes to feature National Geographic cartography. Over 2,000 place names are included. The text is clear and each country is given a different colour with a darker tone around the borders to accentuate the political mapping. In the oceans, undersea trenches and basins are named with arrows indicating major ocean currents. Shading is used to represent ocean depths.

Mains operated.

* National Geographic cartography.
* Up-to-date cartography
* Politically mapped

Map Detail
* Highly detailed map with over 2000 place names and pieces of information.
* Blue Ocean style globe. Also available in Antique Ocean.
* Politically mapped with clear country borders.

Base & Meridian
* Chromed Steel base and stand

Globe Height 44″ (110cm)
Ball Diameter 12″ (30.5cm)
Globe Width 12″ (30.5cm)
Weight (kg) 10
Raised Mountain Relief No
Type Illuminated
Globe Ball Material Vinyl
Base Material Chromed Steel
Meridian Material N/A
Map Style Political
Map Type Up-to-date
Ball Colour Blue
Eco Rating No

Price: €1249.50 (VAT included)

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