Diplomat Globe

The most detailed globe the world has ever produced.

The Diplomat floorstanding globe is second to none in terms of detail, design, beauty and functionality.

Part of the Heirloom Collection, the Diplomat is considered to be Replogle’s flagship piece.

Search the world over and you will not find a better example of the globemaking art. A handcrafted masterpiece, this extraordinary globe features lavish attention to both form and function.

The hand-crafted, solid hardwood finished in mahogany emphasises the Diplomat’s uncommon beauty. Each part of the cradle is individually turned and engraved by some of the best craftsmen in the world, taking a team of people a month to produce.

Distinctive details include rich, ten-colour cartography and a solid brass, hand-engraved meridian. A comprehensive 32″ diameter globe ball featuring over 25,000 place names, ranks the Diplomat as the world’s most detailed globe. A perfect blend of aesthetics and function.

Globe Height 51″ (128cm)
Ball Diameter 32″ (81.3cm)
Globe Width 40″ (101cm)
Weight (kg) 29.3
Raised Mountain Relief No
Type Illuminated
Globe Ball Material Vinyl
Base Material Solid Mahogany, hand turned and varnished
Meridian Material Hand engraved solid Brass
Map Style Political
Map Type Up-to-date
Ball Colour No
Eco Rating No

Price: €15470.00 (VAT included)

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