Mapping Ezousa Valley and Ezousa Walking Trail

Combining science, art, aesthetics and technique, we have created this original 3D illustrated map of Ezousa Walking Trail.

Many thanks to Episkopi Community Board for having trusted SELAS the project of mapping the Ezουsa Valley and the Walking Trail.

The map depicts the unique geomorphology of the area, with the river system that created one of the most beautiful valleys of the island, the Episkopi Rock, “the Meteora of Cyprus” as they call it, a geo-morphological landform with 70 cm high and 250 cm long with a unique ecological value, the main road network, the land use of the area and the 7 km long Ezousa walking trail with all sites of interest encountered along the route.

The Map also includes unique hand drawn illustrations, which highlight the special physical, historical and cultural sites of the area.

This 3D stylized map, reflects the nature of the surrounding countryside, and should constitute a useful tool for the traveler to explore Ezousa Valley with its unique biodiversity.

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