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All the information about Cyprus is at your fingertips with “Map Cyprus”, the most detailed and comprehensive application available for Cyprus for your iPhone and Android phones.

Based on the most accurate and updated  Map of Cyprus, “Map Cyprus” enables you to search for any address or any Point of I
nterest (POI) in Cyprus on your mobile phone by using an intuitive and user friendly interface which will take you anywhere you want to go. The application includes over 10,000 Points of Interest (POIs) in 21 categories and 121 subcategories, more than any other map of Cyprus, giving you all the information you will ever need.





Press the symbol at the bottom left and the application detects automatically your geographic location on the map.



"Map Cyprus"
gives you the possibility of intelligent and efficient search through a single search field.

Search by either free text or by category / subcategory. Automatic spell checker for all searches.


1. Address Search

    Knossou Nicosia

    Knossou 3

    Knossou 1086


2. Junction Search

    Knossou and Glafkou


3. Towns – Villages Search


    Germasogeia, Limassol

    Germasogeia 4044

4. Search Points of Interest by Category

When starting a new search, various proposed categories are displayed. For example, if you want to look for Police, by writing “po” a list categories with the particular prefix appear.


Additionally, by selecting a Featured category you can see a list all the subcategories that belong to that category. By selecting a subcategory you will see the nearest to you points of that subcategory. For example, by choosing "Education" you can see all the subcategories such as "Colleges - Universities", "Lyceums", "Gymnasiums", etc. Choose a subcategory and you will see the specific points of interest on the map.

5. Search Points of Interest with keywords

The application allows the direct search for POI. For example, you can write directly to the search field, the name of a restaurant that you know, for example “Debenhams - Ledra” and by clicking the “Search” button, the application will locate the restaurant and then you can ask for directions to get there (Route from here). Additionally, by pressing the symbol in the bottom-centre of the screen, you will get detailed routing directions to your destination.


The application provides live information on Fuel Prices and Pharmacies On-Duty throughout Cyprus. To view the list of the cheapest petrol stations or pharmacies on-duty near you, press the i button on the top-right of your screen and choose "Fuel Prices" or "Pharmacies on duty" respectively.


"Map Cyprus"
includes descriptions and photos of the main attractions of Cyprus from SELAS Geographical database.

For example, by typing the attraction "Famagusta Gate" and selecting it, the attraction will appear on the map. By pressing the ">" symbol you will see the details on how to get to the attraction. Press the "More Info" button to see the description and photo of the attraction you have chosen.